PSEF’s New Initiative Selected for Mosaic Movement Infrastructure Grant  


The team at People’s Solar Energy Fund (PSEF) is excited to share that we have been selected for a Mosaic Movement Infrastructure grant. Working in partnership with the Energy Foundation, Mosaic—a project of The Tides Center— will fund PSEF’s Communities of Color Building Solar Capacity (CBSC) initiative.

Through robust online training, multi-city partnerships, cross-pollinating virtual convenings, and collaborations with key institutions of color, the CBSC Initiative will help communities of color seize this rare moment by promoting knowledge of, advocacy for, and active utilization of the new federal offerings with a particular eye towards the climate, health, green jobs and wealth-building promise of "community-owned solar." Additionally, partners under this unique initiative will be guided—utilizing PSEF's technical and financial assistance—through actual first stage project development.

WIth this initiative, PSEF is seizing this rare moment by leveraging the new federal initiatives to provide the support and ongoing training BIPOC leaders need to advance not only environmental justice—for which there is fortunately a strong infrastructure—but actual climate solutions. Working with partner community-based organizations (CBOs) and national advocates, the CBSC initiative will address these core issues by building core knowledge in the field, investing in field capacity, and linking to national BIPOC-led resources. 

We are grateful to Mosaic and the Energy Foundation for seeing the strong potential for impact of CBSC. And we are especially grateful to our partners in this work, including initially Cooperative Energy Futures (Minneapolis), Cleveland Owns, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, and the Indiana State Conference of the NAACP. 

To learn more about Mosaic’s Movement Infrastructure grant and its recipients, you can read the official press release here, and the full announcement on Mosaic’s website here.