Internship Application
Communities of Color Building Solar Capacity (CBSC)

Attachments needed:

  • Resume
  • References (can be anyone but preferably someone who’s seen you in both a personal and work capacity, e.g. teacher, coach, supervisor, colleague)
  • Write or make a short video addressing the following:

    If you write, please limit your response to each question to 250 words. 

    If you make a video, please address all 4 questions in max 12 mins. Feel free to be creative, if you wish (optional). Be sure to attach the link to this form.

    A) Have you been involved with any type of community work? How so? What was your role? Who were the players? How long were you involved?

    B) What are some of the biggest challenges you see in organizing a community around issues that are affecting them? Whether from experience or just your own thinking or imaging, what do you think sometimes gets in the way, & what are some effective ways of working around such problems?

    C) What do you think may be challenging in working to get grassroots communities of color interested in learning about solar?

    D) Tell us a little something about your references. How do you know them and what has been their significance in your life?

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