Referral for PSEF Executive Director

We're excited to be launching our recruitment campaign for the first Executive Director for the People's Solar Energy Fund. Please click here to see the job description

We're looking for someone who is ready for a big career move to a dynamic BIPOC organization, building wealth and economic opportunity in BIPOC communities across the country. We're looking for someone with lending or project financing experience, who knows how to get big things done.

We're looking to build 25MW of community-led, community-owned solar a year in partnership with BIPOC and low income communities across the US. We have 10MW in place now and we're ready to scale. 

If you know people who might be interested in the position or if you know of people who might know of people who might be interested, please fill out the form below and we'll contact them. 

Thank you for helping us reach out to your network so we can find the right person for this important position!